Scented Candles for the Holidays

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The holidays are filled with meaningful traditions, cherished memories, and little moments of joy that bring friends and family together. Amidst memories and traditions are familiar scents that provide comfort and evoke the special spirit of the holidays. Whether it’s peppermint hot cocoa, or delightful pumpkin pie, what better way to celebrate the holidays than with scented candles! Comfort Candle Company handcrafts a variety of soy candles in holiday fragrances that add to the joy and warmth of this wonderful time of year. Reminisce with scented candles that celebrate your most cherished holiday memories.

Gourmet holiday scented candles that smell like your favorite pastries fresh out of the oven

With the holidays upon us, our kitchens become the place where everyone gathers. We’re Christmas cookie baking, gingerbread house decorating, and holiday ham roasting. And while we gather ingredients for our favorite holiday dishes, the scents we find most comforting fill our homes with happiness and joy. Scented candles are the perfect way to make the smell of those wonderful holiday recipes last all season, perhaps all year long! Comfort Candle Company offers handmade soy candles in a variety of gourmet fragrances that perfectly embody the spirit of the holidays.

Apple Strudel

If you love the smell of apple pie fresh out of the oven, our Apple Strudel scented candles are for you. A delightful holiday fragrance packed with notes of sweet cinnamon apples and a buttery crust, this candle brings all the memories of Mom’s apple pie to any room. A delightful holiday scent that everyone treasures. Buy Comfort Candle's Apple Strudel scented candle.


A classic holiday delight, our Pepperminty candle smells like candy canes on Christmas morning. Remember why you love this time of year with cooling notes of peppermint that make these scented candles perfectly refreshing. Bring this candle to your next holiday party and give your host a special holiday treat. Buy Comfort Candle's Pepperminty candle.

Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin is a classic scent for winter and fall, and when it comes to holiday baking, you can’t forget the pumpkin bread. Nothing evokes holiday spirit like freshly baked bread. Our pumpkin bread scented candles are the perfect way to make all of your guests hungry for your planned holiday feast.   Buy Comfort Candle's Pumpkin Bread scented candle.

More favorite candle scents of the season


Comfort Candle Company’s Joy scented candles feature a wonderful blend of spruce and cranberry. This soy candle evokes the same type of joy you feel early Christmas morning. Buy Comfort Candle's Joy candle.

Alpine Spruce

This candle reminds you of serene walks through snow-covered forests. Bundle up on a brisk winter morning and bring the scent of nature indoors. Buy Comfort Candle's Alpine Spruce scented candle.

Our scented candles make the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Shopping becomes highly stressful this time of year, and there are some people on our list who we have no idea what to buy. Our scented candles not only bring comfort to every room, but they make the perfect gift for anyone on your list, especially the people who are particularly hard to shop for. Whether it’s your mother, coworker, or favorite party host, our customers love the way our soy candles burn cleaner for longer with no additives or dyes. Our candles come in a variety of gift options so you can spread comfort and joy this holiday season. Give the gift of a superior candle experience. 

Happy holidays everyone!

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