Our Story

We would LOVE to tell you about our company so you can get to know us, so here goes...

In the heart of Texas hill country lies the small town of Comfort, Texas. Surrounded by lush hills, wineries and buildings which date back to the 18th century, Comfort Candles originated here and we still operate just a short distance away in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Every Comfort Candle is handcrafted by Ben, our master candle maker, who’s been making candles since 2000. Ben runs the daily operations, and his wife Kandy adds her computer and business expertise to everything else.

Ben used to work for another candle company where he saw that hand-pouring candles is wasteful and inefficient, and can lead to poor quality and fragrance throw.  We use the latest technology to meticulously craft a superior product that comes in around 40 heavenly fragrances.

We use no dyes, no additives and all-cotton wicks for a candle that burns clean and evenly, has long lasting fragrance and produces less smoke and soot than a paraffin wax candle. We also use no dyes or ultraviolet inhibitors, which lends our candles a certain consistent aesthetic and reduces their environmental impact.

Our hard work and Texas-sized courtesy enables us to provide fabulously fresh products, fast friendly service, and Texas-sized deals!