Peak Wildflower Season in Texas is Coming!

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As you all hopefully know, Comfort Candle Company is based in the beautiful Texas Hill Country town of Fredericksburg.  Fredericksburg has been ranked high on many lists of most idyllic small towns in the United States, and for good reason.  The people are nice and the weather can be just about perfect in the Spring!

Founded in 1846, this small Texas gem of a town has lured visitors to its rolling hills dotted with bluebonnets and cool bungalow rentals called “Sunday Houses”.  Tucked in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the German-influenced town offers attractions that include a wildflower farm, wine tastings and a historic downtown strip filled with eclectic boutiques. Outdoor enthusiasts might want to spend a day hiking Enchanted Rock or hitting the Texas Wine Trail. It’s hard not to love a town where you can shop a day on Main Street, tour the Texas Wine Trail, or hike at Enchanted Rock, and still not see everything!

The Texas Hill Country is known for its amazing opportunities to get out amongst the wildflowers, some of the prettiest natural displays known to mankind. You can view, breathe-in, and take pictures with these native species. The sheer size and diversity of land formations in the Texas Hill Country make it a wildflower wonderland, leaving both residents and visitors in awe when they view the spectrum of color made visible to the human eye when they bloom.  So, let’s answer a few common questions about wildflower season in the Texas Hill Country…

When Are the Best Viewing Times?

If the weather conditions cooperate, the prime blooming months for the Texas Hill Country wildflower season are March, April, and May. Bluebonnets generally begin displays in all of their glory throughout April. Stop by any travel or visitors center throughout the Texas Hill Country during this time of year, and you’ll quickly learn the well-appointed wildflower routes on which you should make your journey.

Is There Such a Thing as a Wildflower Road Trip?

Absolutely! A road trip in Texas is definitely something we all look forward to, but a Texas Hill Country wildflower season road trip is a one-of-a-kind experience. Planning ahead and reading materials online will help you plan a course. You can pick up a few additional stops along the way for great accommodations, excellent dining options, wineries, antiquing, and more. Then you’ll be well on your way to seeing these amazing creations at their most beautiful – in their natural settings.

Can We Avoid the Crowds?

Although nothing says springtime in the Texas Hill Country like the blooming of wildflowers, nothing ruins it faster for a fan than to see that others have trampled them or are gathered in throngs to get the best photo opportunity at a prime viewing location. Some years produce better blooms in areas where there was merely a hint of them the year previous, and wildflower “experts” work to provide you on-the-ground details with respect to great bloom locations annually. Your best bet to avoid the crowds is to follow specific weather/flower postings that you trust from respected companies or individuals whose business it is to ensure bloom reports for specific areas. Keep track of favorites through bookmarks and take notes when they do live feeds that show exactly when and where to be.

Some sources we like are Wild About Texas Wildflowers at  and  Texas Hill Country is , but the ultimate website for all things about Texas wildflowers is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at . Lady Bird Johnson was a visionary environmentalist who had a vision to “make the world better – more “beautiful” – one plant at a time!  She recognized that wildflowers and other native plants can lift the spirit and that conserving them and using them in our everyday landscapes is critical to our future.  She established the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center to realize this dream.  While the center has been open by reservation only with masks required, we are hoping that will change very soon.  The center is located at 4801 La Crosse Avenue in Austin.

We love the Texas Hill Country and handcraft some of our very best fragrances at our little factory in Fredericksburg.  Every candle is handcrafted by Ben, our master candle maker, who has been making candles for over 20 years.  Ben used to work for another candle company where he saw that hand-pouring candles is wasteful and inefficient, and can lead to poor quality and fragrance throw.  We use the latest technology to meticulously craft a superior product that comes in around 40 heavenly fragrances.

Our wonderful floral and fruity Spring fragrances are Bluebonnet, Citrus Grove, Lemon Verbena, Lily Gardenia, Mimosa, Mountain Laurel, Peach Bellini, Pineapple Sage, Red Currant, Sicilian Fig, Tuberose, Verbena Sage, and White Lavender. You can find them all here: .

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