How to Use Fragrance Oils

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There’s nothing better than the comforting scent of home. Whether it’s vanilla, lavender, or peppermint, fragrance oils are often overlooked in the candle buying marketplace, and they're an excellent way to fill any space with your favorite scent. Maybe one of the most misunderstood ways to fragrance a room, fragrance oils are actually very simple to use. They have a wonderful fragrance throw and no wax or use of proper candle burning techniques is required. All you need is fragrance oil and a low-heat warmer to fill your home with the comforting scents we offer.

What are fragrance oils?

Fragrance oils, not to be confused with essential oils, are manufactured oils you can use to fragrance your home with your favorite scents. Every fragrance from Comfort Candle Company comes in fragrance oil because it's a wonderful alternative for those looking to venture outside of wax melts or traditional candles.

What’s the best way to use fragrance oils?

Whether your home office smells like a tropical coconut delight or your guest bathroom smells like a citrus grove, fragrance oils have the ability to disperse scents cleanly and evenly for long periods of time. You just have to know the best way to use them. There are two ways to properly use fragrance oils.

Use a low-heat electric warmer

One way to disperse the scent of your fragrance oils throughout your space is to use a low-heat electric warmer. The warmer consists of a bottom heating unit and an upper cartridge or small bowl that holds your fragrance oil.

  • Fill the upper bowl partially with the fragrance oil.
  • The bottom heating unit warms the oil, causing it to evaporate into the air and disperse the fragrance throughout your room.
  • Turn off the heat source and let the unit cool before adding more fragrance oil (if you wish to add more).

Use a tea-light warmer

This method requires more safety precautions than a low-heat electric warmer as it involves an open flame, but works to disperse fragrance oils the same way. Rather than using electricity, the bottom unit’s heating source comes from a tea light candle.
  • Place a tea light candle in the bottom heating unit.
  • Fill the upper bowl with fragrance oil.
  • Light the candle in the bottom unit, and it will warm the oil causing it to evaporate into the air and disperse the fragrance throughout the room.
  • Turn off the heat source and let the unit cool before adding more fragrance oil if you wish to add more.

Can I use the same warmer for fragrance oils and wax melts?

A low-heat electric warmer can be used for either fragrance oil or wax melts. We recommend, however, that you do not use wax melts in a tea light warmer. Tea light warmers are often not designed to maximize the wax melt’s scent longevity or throw. Tea light warmers are better used for fragrance oils rather than wax melts. Use fragrance oils to fill your home with the scents you love. With a simple warming unit and a few drops of oil, a wide variety of fragrances can bring the feeling of comfort to any space. Use them in your living room, office, bedroom, or studio. Find the fragrance oil that’s perfect for your home at Comfort Candle Company.

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