Fragrance Oils

Comfort Candles Fragrance Oils are chosen by our master candlemaker for use in our candles, wax melts and car & air fresheners. Defined by their multiple notes and depth of quality, our aromatic oils will define the fragrance of your home. Choose from comforting Gourmet fragrances like AppleStrudel, Mocha Latte, and Pepperminty; Citrus fragrances like Lemon Verbena, and Citrus Grove; Invigorating fragrances like Rain, Rosemary Mint, and Verbena et Sage;  Floral fragrances like Mimosa, Tuberose, and Mountain Laurel; Fruity fragrances like Sangria, Pedernales Peach, and Red Currant; Outdoorsy fragrances like Sandalwood, Alpine Spruce, and Llano.