Did you know.... Comfort Candle Company does FUNDRAISERS!!

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Looking for an Organization Fundraiser?

Comfort Candle Company Can Help!
50% of ALL sales go to your organization

50 candles sold - $600 RAISED!
100 candles sold - $1,200 RAISED!
200 candles sold - $2,400 RAISED!
500 candles sold - $6,000 RAISED!
(Amount raised approximate based on 14 oz candle)

Here’s how it works –
Your organization will be supplied all the order forms and samples (4-6 scents) they need for each participant. Most organizations will spend between 2-4 weeks “taking orders” from friends, family, and neighbors. After this, your organization will turn in all the order forms to Comfort Candle Company.

10-14 days later, the order will be ready to pick up and delivered. Each order will be separated by the participant, with each order individually labeled for easy delivery.

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