We have had two exciting online mentions this month and we hope you will help us spread the good news!

First, we were interviewed and a wonderful article published about us on The Texas Wildflower by Pamela Price. The article is here: https://thetexaswildflower.com/comfort-candle-company-fredericksburg/. We thank her from the bottom of our Texas hearts for such a terrific article! Please subscribe to their newsletter and you will enjoy many articles about happenings in our beloved Texas Hill Country.

A few of our favorite excerpts from the article…“As the days grow shorter this time of year, there’s something remarkable about the glow of a lit candle in the evening. The right light and scent can add to the ambience, helping us to set a particular mood. Whether we’re feeling nostalgic for the scent of fresh-cut fir trees from our youth or wanting a sophisticated, romantic scent for a quiet night at home, a candle can help us tap into those emotions. And isn’t it lovely when we can find one that’s made right here in the Texas Hill Country, close to home?” Such beautiful words to describe the feeling or mood our Texas made scented candles convey!

The article also mentions that there is very little time between when our candles are made and when they are shipped. They are truly fresh, and we want people to know and smell the difference that makes in scented candles just like in many products. The fresher, the better.

Second, we had published an extensive review of our wax melts by a community of retail wax melters named Scented Wax Melt reviews. Their website is www.scentedwaxmeltreviews.com and they are on most social media platforms as well. The review of our wax melts is here: https://www.scentedwaxmeltreviews.com/2017/11/comfort-candle-company-wax-melt-reviews.html . We thank Teri Brooks for her time and reviews…we appreciate you!

The summary says it best…“they smell fantastic, authentic, and unique, and most of the scents I’ve never smelled anywhere before.” Terri reviews a lot of wax melts, and she says she often comes across a lot of the same scents, so she is always hoping to find scents that are unique. Comfort Candle Company definitely delivers that! The review also said it was apparent that we use very high quality oils, and our wax melts don’t have the generic feel that a lot of wax melts have. WOW…great to hear confirmation that we make wonderful wax melts in addition to jar candles!

Please stay tuned for more exciting developments in the months to come. New products, and new marketing will ensure we change some with the times, as is inevitable in successful businesses.

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