Candle Gift Set – 4 oz. Travel Tins

Candle Gift Set – 4 oz. Travel Tins



Comfort Candle’s 4 oz. travel tin candle gift set includes 6 candles of your choice and arrives in a beautiful, signature brown gift box.

It’s the perfect Christmas, housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift!

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Candle gifts are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, any holiday, or just to say thank-you! Comfort Candle’s travel tin candle gift set includes six 4 ounce candles of your choice and arrives in a signature brown gift box.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 14.5 × 9 × 1.75 in


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The best candles money can buy and I am lucky enough to live in the town where they are made. I even bring a small one with me when I travel!

Sandy J.

Awesome store! I really like that their candles are all the same color instead of matching color to a scent (blue for bluebonnets, etc).

The scent is noticeable, but not overpowering. Since the candles are soy based, they burn cleaner and usually slower, so that they last longer.

The prices are reasonable. As another reviewer noted, some are marked less than others. We learned that some candles have what they call “shadows” so they sell those for less. Once pointed out, we could see what they were talking about but that wasn’t enough to keep us from purchasing those. Maybe for a gift I would look for the “perfect” candle, but for me to use at home, the shadows are not a problem.

We met the owner, who took us into the backroom to ask our opinion on something they are working on…he was very friendly and helpful.

The ONLY problem I had in Comfort Candles was that there are so many delicious scents to choose from!

Becky P.

True Texas gentlemen!  I have enjoyed my last two visits there and the candles are wonderful!  They burn a long time and have a beautiful yellow glow that is warm and inviting!  The scents are nice too.  I especially like Hill Country Home.  I highly recommend you stop there next time you are in beautiful Comfort.  You will enjoy your visit!

Natures Parables S.

We were in a boutique outside of Austin when we discovered Comfort Candles. We bought two scents, Cashmere and Sandalwood.

For me the scents were done beautifully, never overpowering but subtle when lit. Also a huge factor for me is when you blow out the candle and the extinguished smoke does not overwhelm the room due to the impurities/chemicals of the candle. Comfort Candle never gave me that problem.

Ever since we discovered them, we have bought directly from the company via their website. We ordered over 200 candles to give out as wedding favors in Oct 2013 and we’re still ordering the 20oz glass jars for the house. I have one lit on a daily basis and I won’t buy anything else.

*Not to mention the customer service is out of this world. Everything is made in small batches by hand so you know you can’t get that quality with big companies.

Alice H.

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