A new year brings the promise of renewal, and 2017 saw Comfort Candle Company regroup with new ownership, new marketing, new website and social media, and our first new products in a while.  We asked everyone in November to please stay tuned for exciting developments and here they are!

Our first new product is our adorable wick dipper featured on our home page.  Wick dippers eliminate the smoke from blowing out a candle by allowing you to easily dip the wick in the wax pool to extinguish your candle!  Pretty neat, right?!?!

We plan to introduce quite a few new items in 2018 and hope you all will visit our website often to shop for them.  We are planning to introduce several new fragrances, and discontinue some less popular ones, this year.  Stylish wax warmers, that we have been researching for months to ensure we offer the best possible products to our customers, will be offered soon. We are also considering expanding from our classic line of candles and candle products to offering premium and novelty lines of products.  Emails and social media posts will go out regularly to announce each new product.

Last year was a tough one for many retailers, but Comfort Candle Company is greatly optimistic about 2018! We are committed to continuing to offer great products at great prices on our website, at our manufacturing facility in Fredericksburg, Texas, and through our ever-expanding network of retailers.

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