Why is your candle better than others?

Our candles consist of a soy-wax blend that is of better quality than straight paraffin candles.  We also do not add any color or other additives except for the scent.

We handcraft every candle using the latest in candle making technology to uniformly saturate the wax with fragrance. Our candles are Texas made with American made ingredients and materials. They burn evenly, completely, and cleanly and are one of the highest quality scented candles you will find. 

Do your wicks have any lead or zinc in them?

Absolutely not! We have done our research and our wicks are ALL cotton which actually burn better than zinc core wicks and cause less soot or smoke!

Is there any particular way I should burn my candle for the best results?

Yes there is!  You should let your candle burn to the outer edge of the container so that the entire top of the candle has become liquid or formed a wax pool. You can extinguish the candle at any time after that for optimal future burning. Also, candles that are under or around any fans or air vents tend to make them flicker and burn improperly too.

Why do candles smoke?

There are many reasons. Paraffin waxes and zinc wicks burn hotter and tend to smoke more, and additives such as color generally creates more smoke. A sub-optimal amount of scent combination for each fragrance can also cause smoking.

Why should I buy Comfort Candles?

The combination of the natural components, care and quality, and price. Most of all we keep the customer always in mind first, and there is no better candle than Comfort Candles.

Do I need to trim the wick?

No, you do not. Our wicks are self-trimming but trimming or pinching the burnt wick will help your candle burn a bit better.

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