Giving Candles as Wedding Gifts

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In the heart of Texas, the spring season is a common time to hear wedding bells ringing. Maybe you’ve been invited to a wedding this year by people very dear to you. You want to give a gift that captures the love between the to-be bride and groom. But how? What if the answer is as simple as a natural, scented candle? Tip 1: Smell with your brain. Most people don’t know that our natural sense of smell is one of the most powerful connections we make with our surroundings, so scented candles inspire memories and feelings. Behind the dedicated hands of our hill country candle makers at Comfort Candles, there is always a nose sniffing out its surroundings during beautiful moments. This is how our soy-based, handcrafted candles are inspired. Tip 2: Dig deeper. Of course, there are a variety of scented candles to choose from everywhere you look. Casually ask the to-be bride or groom about their favorite memories together. Listen to both their words and their body language. What brings them to a fit of laughter? If you feel invisible because they are lost in each other’s eyes again, you found the memory. Tip 3: Be creative. Was it the camping trip two summers ago that triggered this? Figure out what trees, flowers, or scents must have surrounded them. Comfort Candles’ natural, soy based Alpine Spruce Candle would be a lovely way to bring them back to that tent in the woods, for example. Tip 4: Something old. During this life transition, it’s important to reminisce the best of our past. Natural scented candles remind her or him of childhood comforts, easing the wedding jitters. Comfort Candles’ handcrafted candles offers homey smells like Hill Country Home, Cashmere, Apple Strudel, and more. Tip 5: Something new. The day of the wedding represents a new life together, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on a new smell. Show your excitement for their future by introducing new, exotic smells or capture their next adventure with a soy based candle. Are they going to a tropical island for their honeymoon? Try our Texas made Hawaiian Pineapple scented candle to capture that time together. With these tips in mind, finding the right scented candle for a wedding gift will feel as natural as falling in love. 

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