The Perfect Summer Fragrance Candles to Keep the Season Going All Year-Round

End of Summer Sale Summer Fragrances

Summer’s not over yet! While fall and back-to-school season are fast-approaching, we still have a few weeks left. There's no better way to celebrate than with summer fragrance candles that make the relaxation of summer last all year. Comfort Candle Company's selection of spring and summer fragrance candles capture the scents of our favorite time of year without the heat and insects!  Don’t be sad that summer’s ending. Celebrate and enjoy, and keep the feeling of summer going even after it’s passed with these comforting summer fragrance candles. 

Fruity scented candles that make you want to soak up the sun

When you’re out in the hot summer sun, there’s nothing better than refreshing summer fruit to cool your senses. Whether you love pineapple, mango, or peach, Comfort Candle has plenty of fruity summer fragrance candles that bring the refreshing feel of summer to any room.    Enjoy our Hawaiian pineapple fragrance that instantly transports you to the beaches of Honolulu. Enjoy delightful notes of pineapple and let your 9-5 worries easily drift away with the Hawaiian breeze. If you’re looking for a fruity summer fragrance candle that’s less sweet and more refreshing our Citrus Grove fragrance candle hits the spot. Take a walk through the orange groves of Florida and refresh your space with this invigorating scent of summer.  

Gourmet fragrance candles for the feel of summer luxury

Between Sunday brunches enjoyed outside, and weekends spent lounging by the pool, summer is a season full of luxury, and every luxury experience deserves the addition of a gourmet summer scent. Comfort Candle has a variety of gourmet summer fragrance candles that remind you of your favorite summer memories. Keep your summer brunch going with scents like Mimosa and Sangria. Summer treats can last all year with fragrances like Orange Creme and Coconut Delight.

Refreshing floral fragrance candles that smell like summer spent in the garden

White Lavender, lemongrass, mountain laurel, and lily gardenia, Comfort Candle Company offers a large selection of floral summer fragrance candles that perfectly capture the relaxing feel of summer. Whether you spent the summer maintaining beautiful blooms, or just like admiring the wonderful florals of the season, summer is a time when the most beautiful flowers are in abundance. Summer is a season of well-deserved rest and relaxation. Enjoy the highlights of summer to keep the season going all year-round and save 15% on all summer fragrances with Comfort Candle Co’s end of summer sale. Hurry, the sale ends August 26th! 

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