Candles for Engagement Party Gifts

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The love of your life has finally proposed, you’ve told your family and your closest friends. Now, both of you want to share the news with the rest of the world, and you start planning an engagement party. You pick a caterer, a venue, and an invitation. Everything is set. To thank everyone for coming to such a special event in your life, you want to give them a memorable gift, perhaps a scented candle. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when choosing the right Texas made candle for your occasion. One Scented Candle for all or for all one Scented Candle? Everyone is different. Have you ever walked through a room where vanilla sweetened the air as a scented candle burned on a coffee table? You loved it, but your fiancé hated it. Our dye-free candles won’t cause any real harm, but for this occasion, don’t choose an natural candle with an overwhelming smell. Are we on Vacation or is That Just the Havana Scented Candle? The location of your party should reflect what made you and your fiancé fall in love. Will your engagement be outdoors or indoors, at home or at a venue? Pick the scented candle that smells most like the setting of your venue. Come Rain or Shine Don’t let a cloudy day ruin the memory, instead let it be what makes your engagement party stand out and send your guests home with a rain scented candle. To Each Their Own Another idea to consider is buying 2-4 different natural candles and giving them to specific people. For example, parents get a Comfort scented candle, siblings get a Cashmere scented candle, and friends get a Mimosa scented candle. You have different relationships with different people in your life. Show them what that relationship means to you with a handcrafted, Texas made candle. Just like perfume or cologne gives us a sense of identity, a natural, scented candle can keep a special day alive for years to come. You and your fiancé are sure to find the scented candle to define you with the variety that Comfort Candles offers.            

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