Vote for Comfort Candle’s New Logo!

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Vote for Comfort Candle’s New Logo!

Have you heard the big news? We’re changing our logo to mark the new direction of the company! And we want to hear from you! Your opinion matters to us, and we want you to vote for the logo that you think suits our company best. (voting is now closed)


The bottom line is that as our loyal customers, you know us best, and we appreciate that. You know what the Comfort Candle Company stands for, the quality of our products, and how much we value creating comforting and beautifully scented candles. You appreciate all natural candles that promise no dye and no additives. That’s why you love our product, and that’s why we continue to be inspired to keep up our initiatives.

What We Stand For:

As people become more aware of the value of all natural products, our soy-based candles have become more popular. We want to change our logo to reflect our commitment to the future and to assure our customers we value your input and loyalty. We pride ourselves on our customer service and creating Texas Hill country candles that add value to your home. There’s no doubt that the scent of a candle running through your living room becomes a part of your home. The memories you create with your loved ones can be relived through the scent of a candle, which is why we offer so much diversity in our selection. That way, you can always find what you are looking for in our candles.

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