The Great American Road Trip

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Almost as All-American as apple pie, the summer road trip used to be a very common occurrence that we are thrilled to say is making a comeback right now! 

The brother and sister duo who co-own Comfort Candle Company were part of an epic 3-week road trip in the family station wagon in the summer of 1976. We have such fond memories of it, and our Mom even kept a journal that today is considered a family classic. The photo above shows (from L to R), Jeannine, Paige, Mom and Ben, packing the 1976 Pontiac LeMans station wagon! The owners of Comfort Candle Company, Jeannine and Ben, are shown on the far left and far right in the photo.

The main plot of the 1983 movie “Vacation” where the Griswold’s go on a road trip to “Wally World” in the family truckster could have easily been recreated from our trip. Sorry for forgetting you at the gas station bathroom stop little brother, but we did come right back! We had a bit different drama than the movie, but we still made it to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.  Seeing every state and stopping at every national park west of Texas was quite the feat. Our total trip mileage was 6,921 miles…WOW!  We highly encourage families, friends, siblings, or any group interested in a road trip to just get out and DO IT.  You will make memories that you will NEVER forget.

According to National Geographic, it’s the summer of road trips, unfortunately due to the coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions, and we’re all for it.  It’s a relatively low-risk way to venture out and get away from being cooped up at home. Don’t have time or resources to do a big 3-week excursion…that’s ok!  Try doing a 1-week trip, planned around some special event or location. Our family trip was planned using old-fashioned paper maps and phoned in motel reservations! Of course, nowadays, there’s any number of digital apps or our favorite, good old AAA, which has fabulous road trip planning tools and guides.

Whatever type of trip you decide to take this summer, our best tip is to be sure to take something that reminds you of home with you, in case any bit of homesickness pops up.  Kids might like a favorite stuffed animal or game, but for adults we love the idea of taking a favorite car or air fragrance or fragrance spray with you.  A great and familiar smell can evoke the feeling of home no matter when and where you are traveling. We have some great choices for summer road trips that can also help eliminate that funky hotel or motel room smell too. The best way to sum up the quintessential road trip is one thing that is said during probably every road trip ever made….”ARE WE THERE YET?” LOL 😊

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