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How to Plan the Ultimate Father’s Day

Are you starting a new Father’s Day tradition in your home? With Father’s Day near, the challenge begins with this question: What do Dads want? By now, you probably have it down to an art when it comes to your own father. You’ve been filling his cabinets with socks and his closet with ties for years after all! The challenge is how to make your children’s father feel appreciated this year. You might be wondering how. Relax! We have 3 simple but effective ideas to start a Father’s Day tradition in your family!

1. A Family Photo

Do you have a snapshot of your husband and the kids? Sneak a photo in on any occasion that he’s being a great dad, and put it in a picture frame for his office. That way he will always feel like his family is close to him!

2. Handprints

No matter how old your kids are, let them contribute as much as they can. Get your hands a little dirty with the kids and decorate a Father’s Day card or photo frame with their handprints. You and the kids will have a blast and he will love it!

3. A Simple Candle

Do you usually head for men’s cologne for your husband’s birthday? Of course! It’s a great gift! Nevertheless, once his side of the sink is stacked with colognes, what do you do instead? Gift one of our Eden or Llano Natural Scented Candles instead, or browse through our catalog to find the perfect Comfort Candle especially for him! At the end of the day, what really matters is to show how much fathers do for the family and are appreciated!

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