Comfort Candle Company Featured in Texas Hill Country Culture Magazine

Candles Made in Texas

Comfort Candle Company was recently featured in Texas Hill Country Culture magazine for our dedication to providing quality, handcrafted candles and customer satisfaction. The article discusses just how much love we put into each and every handcrafted candle, so our customers feel great about the product they’re taking home. Here at Comfort Candle Company, small business means great quality. In the article, Texas Hill Country Culture highlights our self-started history and our founding principle, Comfort. The article describes the laborious process our master candlemaker personally tends to, with care and attention, every day. Each candle contains all American-made ingredients with natural soy wax as the prime base, and high-quality oils added for fragrance. No additional additives are used, ensuring each candle is crafted with pureness. “One thing that evokes a memory is scent,” the magazine quotes us and highlights our variety of candles in 41 different scents. Texas Hill Country Culture mentions how proud we are of our business and our products and the accomplishments we’ve achieved. As recipients of “People Love Us” on Yelp and honorary mention in “Top 60 Candle Blog,” it is a testament to our customer satisfaction. We take great pride in Comfort Candle Company and are confident in the candles we craft that make our customers feel good. Learn more about our candle-making process and quality candles in the article here.

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